High Quality Fundraising Events Catering Phoenix

Fundraising correctly is a full-time job and can have amazing results for a local community or wider society. The benefits of a successful fundraising campaign could help redesign a park and playground for your kids, or could help a friend’s son receive life-saving treatment. The fact of the matter is that there are an endless number of worthwhile causes that are being helped and assisted every day in Phoenix thanks to the generosity and foresight of charitable groups, sporting organizations and caring individuals. One of the best ways to kick-start a fundraising campaign in the best fashion possible is with an unforgettable event.

Cotoia Catering is a catering company with decades of combined experience in the fundraising event field. We have catered for fundraising events for sports teams, youth-choirs, church redevelopments and parks and recreation re-builds in Phoenix. We are proud to say that the role that we have played in creating a unique and unforgettable catering experience has helped these groups and organizations reach and surpass their fundraising targets. For us, contributing positively to our community is one of the reasons why we got involved in catering in the first place. The opportunity to provide a unique and innovative catering service that will leave organizers, volunteers and participants with smiles on their faces is the ultimate gratification for us.

We Take Care of the Catering So You Can Focus on Fundraising

At Cotoia Catering our mantra for fundraising events has always been to take care of everything. After all, fundraising is no easy task so why put additional worries on your plate in respect of catering. When you work with us you can rest assured that the food will be nutritious and tasty, the drinks will be cool (except for the tea and coffee) and the service will be second to none.

For us, catering is more than just a job it is our passion. That is why we always meet with our clients in advance to discuss possible event themes and options that will best suit the fundraising remit. Our menu caters to people of all diets, food allergies and is age appropriate. With Cotoia Catering on your side, you can concentrate on the important task of fundraising.

Don’t Delay, Call Today

If you are planning a fundraising event, then there is only one number to call. The skill and expertise of our chefs combined to the client-first approach from our catering, event and support staff mean that we will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of catering excellence for you and your organization. We will work night and day to create an event that will live long in the memory. What’s more, we will also work tirelessly to create a relaxed environment that will entice people to be as generous as possible with their donations. Don’t settle for second best for your fundraising event, call the team you can trust today.