All Inclusive Holiday Catering in Phoenix

Whether it’s a week over Christmas or two weeks in the summer, holidays are designed to be times when Phoenix residents can sit back, relax and enjoy all the little things in life without having to worry about life’s regular tasks. However, for certain people, holidays still involved preparing food, cooking it, organizing seating plans and, worst of all, cleaning up afterwards! Why spend your precious time off looking after friends and family when there is a trusted professional catering service based right here in Phoenix who will do all that work for you.

With decades of combined experience, the chefs, waiting staff and event planners at Cotoia Catering know a thing or two about creating a unique and special holiday catering experience. We have provided hundreds, if not thousands, of Phoenix families with our golden catering touch down through the years and can provide the same great service to you. What’s more, with competitive rates and discount rewards for returning customers, we can do so without leaving a major dent in your credit card or wallet. If you have a holiday planned on the horizon and want to mark it with a special dinner, then why not let the professionals help you make it a night to remember. Call Cotoia Catering today to learn more about the trusted catering service that we provide.

Fully Mobile Operation

Whether you have rented a cottage way up in the mountains or have retreated to the beach for a week of gentle relaxation, our catering team can still bring our exemplary service to you. Using the most advanced heading technology, our fleet of vehicles can bring cooked meals and platters from our Phoenix base to even the most remote of locations. We also offer serving options as standard with all our services so this means that you can sit back and relax as our fully qualified waiting staff take care of everything.

Take a Break This Holiday Season

If your family is like most Phoenix families then it is likely that one person in the family often spends more time than most preparing, cooking and serving a wide range of dishes each holiday season. There is no doubt that a home-cooked meal is something special and to be cherished, however, it is also true that the holidays should be a time for relaxing rather spending hours staving in the kitchen. At Cotoia Catering, we offer the best and most wholesome means for every type of holiday occasion. Our menus and platters have been used for Chanukah, Christmas dinner, and New Year’s Eve parties. One of the reasons why our catering service is so popular is because our clients know that opting for a professional catering service for a special holiday dinner gives you the best of both worlds. Call today, you won’t regret it.