Wedding Catering for Your Perfect Day

Your wedding is one of the biggest milestones of your life, and it is important that every aspect of it be memorable. The food you serve is one of these aspects, and arguably one of the most important. Your guests will walk away remembering your first kiss, your first dance and also what they ate. Were there enough options? Large enough portions? Did it add that extra level of enjoyment to the entire evening? At Cotoia Catering we can promise and deliver on top-quality meals that will have your guests begging for seconds!

From intimate affairs with only your closest family members, to venue-filling celebrations, we’ve got you covered. We will always put the same amount of care into 500 dishes as we do with five. Going the extra mile for our clients is the foundation of Cotoia Catering.

We are experts who also provide destination wedding catering. Contact us now to learn more.

You’ve found your perfect partner, so why not hire a perfect caterer as well?

Stress-Free Support

Whether you or a wedding planner are managing your special day, we understand how much you have on your shoulders at this important time! When you hire Cotoia Catering, you aren’t just paying for delicious meals, you are paying for our support. With regular meetings and communication you won’t be left guessing about our plans, and on the day of your event, all of our staff will be punctual and on hand for anything you may need.

An important concern of clients on the hunt for a wedding catering company, is cost. When you contact us, we’ll work with you to supply high-quality food and service for a price you can be happy with—without having to cut any corners.

With contemporary or classic comfort menus, we pride ourselves on making even the most simple choices into something unique. When you think of Cotoia Catering, think of:

  • Communication
  • Convenience
  • Quality

You can’t go wrong!

Call for a Tasting Today

When you hire a wedding caterer, you get so much more than just food. Along with beautiful menu items tailored to your needs, you are also paying for exceptional service from our staff servers and chefs, professional plating and the knowledge that we’ve got you covered.

With Cotoia Catering you’ll never have to worry that something will go wrong. We come prepared for guest fluctuation and our servers are well-informed when it comes to special requests, not to mention experienced enough to deal with last minute changes day-of. Because, the last thing that you need on your wedding day is to glance away from your table to see a dissatisfied, hungry guest arguing with a server!

There aren’t a lot of companies out there who truly go the extra mile, but we’re proud to inform you that here at Cotoia Catering, we do.

So give us a call today to book your wedding. We can set up a tasting immediately so you can better understand what we have to offer. Let your taste buds be your guide, and you will not be disappointed.

Start Planning Your Catered Event

Don’t be shy, call us today and start planning the catering event of your dreams! Don’t be afraid to reference restaurant experiences and inspirations that you have in mind; we look forward to collaborating with you. Let us take you away on a journey of the senses!

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